And what about the history of the plugin? It evolved from JOSM scripts.

Easy buildings - autumn 2016

Credits: It’s me.

This was the first attempt to deal with my laziness. More than a few clicks and one shortcut keypress is no way. BuildingsTools make the job for square buildings but not for circle (and I do not copy + resize them because for me it’s too heavy too) nor for residential areas.

Pick residential - 2017-03-28, SVĚT-HUB

Credits: @Piskvor

We discussed Easy buildings that was not usable for @Piskvor because it does not fit to his workflow. However, he proposed some script that would make residential area around buildings on the screen. Not exactly what he wanted (buildings have to be selected before script run) but better than nothing.

Batch buildings - 2017-09-26

Credits: @marxin

This feature fits to @marxin’s workflow - just click as many buildings of same kind as possible. It works for batch of circle buildings and for batch of orthogonal buildings. Backward compatibility ensured and it was not such big pain.

What is new with this feature is that collaboration on github slowly establishes.

Mapathoner plugin - 2018-04-24

Credits: @marxin

We discussed @marxin’s contribution to JOSM that was accepted (hurray!) and the conversation goes around if the JOSM scripts could be rewritten to Java and pushed upstream also. However scripts are pretty specific so I decided to develop JOSM plugin instead.

I named the plugin Mapathoner after 3 days bad sleeping thinking about the name. I wanted to avoid direct connection to HOT or Missing Maps because of potential legal issues. And in fact - the mapathons are where we thought and discussed the scripts, where the scripts were born. Where the Mapathoner plugin was born.

Languages, 2018-06-06

Credits: @floscher

A lot changed during last two days. Anywawy, the project has moved to GitLab. Thanks to @floscher, who points me out, I set up automatic builds. And, again thanks to @floscher, Mapathoner is part of JOSM on Transifex now.

L-shaped buildings - 2018-06-05, Pracovna

Credits: disastermappers heidelberg member whose name I’m trying to find out

Just after successfull presentation of The Czech Contribution to Missing Maps that contained translations of Missing Maps web page and Highway Tag Africa, JOSM patches and the Mapathoner plugin for JOSM I discussed improvement of the Mapathoner with that guy from disastermappers heidelberg. Well, it takes too long to create L-shaped building! Or, in fact, it took.

Pick residential again - 2019-05-07

Credits: @Piskvor

Well, it took a little bit longer than it should. Most probably because I think it would not be easy. But why it shouldn’t be? So, now you can make residential area around buildings on the screen. No need to select them any more!