Divide and #WeMap. Now.


30 minutes

  • Why the damn project?
  • How the damn project?
  • Hands on
    • Web client for managers
    • Web client for mappers
    • JOSM plugin for mappers
  • Deploy remark
  • Answers for your questions

Why the damn project?

  • Inspired by HOT Tasking Manager
  • Performance, community, and openness issues
    • Email address and 4%
  • I wanted to contribute to the TM, but…
  • … and the primary function (divide and map) is not so hard problem

How the damn project?


  • The community drives the damn project
  • Become a good community member
  • Learn to be efficient
  • Help others


  • Divide up functionality, divide up repositories
  • Multiple clients for multiple mapper groups
  • Make the clients fit mapper needs
  • Mappers <–> Client devs <–> Server devs

Hands on




  • F12 -> Plugins -> Search: damn -> OK
  • I think I reached my damn limits

Deploy remark

Answers for your questions